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Interview with Henry Camacho

By Tanisha C. and Marith P.

Henry Camacho

Mr. Camacho's fellow council members elected him mayor of Carpinteria in 1970. He made plenty of speeches and he enjoyed being mayor very much! He held the office of mayor for two years. He was also president of the Kiwanas, president of the Association of Nurserymen and was also on the flower growers Chamber of Commerce.

He was born in Santa Monica, California on December 12, 1923. His parents' names were Jose and Theresa Camacho. His relatives have lived here since they emmigrated from Mexico in 1920.

His childhood was very nice. He could hardly wait for summertime when school was out. He left for Carpinteria in 1961. He also fought in World War II for more than two years. He has lived his whole life here in California.

He married his wife Nina and together they had one son named Henry (he likes to be called Greg.) Henry gave him five wonderful grandchildren named Tanisha, Tiffany, Tamaris, Toriann and Brandon. Henry and Nina have been married for 50 years!

He also owned a nursery for 36 years called Carpinteria, Inc. He and his wife, Nina, traveled to many different places such as Europe, Mexico, Hawaii, Japan, South Africa, China, Holland and Turkey. His most interesting vacation was South Africa and China. Mr. Camacho has gone to 10 countries. Mr. Camacho is now retired and he is looking forward to his next cruise. He had one big dream for Carpinteria and that was for it to be as nice as possible.

Henry Camacho

This page was written by Tanisha C.
This page was edited by Marith P.

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