Pier at Catalina’s Isthmus to Be Expanded

Catalina\'s Isthmus pier

I came across this article in San Diego’s The Log the other day: Renovation planned for Catalina’s Isthmus pier.

Isthmus Pier on Santa Catalina Island will get a facelift next year, including the addition of a new harbormaster office and a pumpout station.
Work on the 180-foot pier is scheduled to start in early 2006 and will likely take three to four months, Two Harbors Harbormaster Doug Oudin said. It should be completed in time for the summer season…

The pier will likely be completely closed, including the fuel dock, for the duration of the project, Oudin said. Details are still being worked out to provide emergency fuel and water and passenger access to and from the beach.

I remember tying up to the current pier on a busy Fourth of July weekend a number of years ago, after a long morning row from Howland’s Landing to buy ice. Dinghies were tied up three deep, and I had a tricky scramble before I could actually reach the pier.

(Photo by Becky Mucha.)

One Response to “Pier at Catalina’s Isthmus to Be Expanded”

  1. Bonnie MacRaith Says:

    Dear John, Thanks for the info, however I must admit that I was partial to the old pier and fear an overbuilt pier will replace it. We all expect so much, always in a hurry, and demand so many conveniences that we forget to be thankful that there even was a pier there at all.

    The Isthmus is a great place! I spent many summers there in the ’50’s with my family in a little cabin, all it had was running water, a toilet and a few beds but we thought we were in heaven!

    All the best, Bonnie

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