Southern California Shorthanded Sailing Association Champ: Dan Rossen

actually, I don\'t know who this is of

SoCal boat broker Len Bose has been working to put together a local shorthanded sailing association, and he’s just announced the winner of the 2005 competition: Dan Rossen.

2005 SCSSA Champion is Dan Rossen.

Dan sailed to 2nd place Ensenada = 4 Points
3rd MDR to San Diego 3
1st Argosy 5
Two Around Catalina

Tim Coker on “MASQERADE”, Kerry Dever on “KAHOOTS”, Len Bose on “ONLY CHILD” and Bruce Anderson on “Chicken Little” were all very close to winning the SCSSA title.

This being the first season of the SCSSA we are going through the concept stages or “growing pains.” Should you wish to drop me a note and tell me you results please do.

Some additional information is in this Sailing Anarchy thread.

As near as I can tell, Bose put this together after the fact, figuring out in retrospect who had “won” based on races that had already taken place earlier in the year. In any event, it’s a neat idea, and I hope he can generate sufficient interest to keep it going.

Thanks to my brother-in-law Justin McJones for sending along the link.

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